“ Prokit - Native Android App UI Design Template Kit ”

Created: 18/12/2019
Updated: 11/07/2020
By: iQonicDesign
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Basic Installation

To develop app you need to set up an Android studio.

How to Setup Android Studio in Windows

  • Download Android Studio - https://developer.android.com/studio/
  • Learn more about Android Studio - https://developer.android.com/studio/intro/
  • Android App Configuration

    Open project in Android studio

    Step 1:- Select ‘Import Project’ option and find your “Prokit" Project and then click on and wait for the Gradle completion.

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    Change ApplicationID

    - Find build.gradle file ('prokit_flutter/android/app/build.gradle') and click to open and change your applicationId


    Change Application menu icon, background and app icon

    - Open res folder inside open all drawable folder and all mipmap folder and replace your background images and icons here.

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    Change Application name

    - Open app strings.xml file and change your 'app_name' here

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    Change app Font

    - Open font folder and change ttf file

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    Change color

    - Open color.xml file and change colors

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    How to Setup a New Project with Particular Module

    • Step 1 - Create new Android project, and change package name same as your theme directory (you can see selected package in left side panel (com.iqonic.food))

      Now, click finish and wait for the Gradle compeletes

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    • Step 2 - Open Gradle file and copy all dependecies
      Note: Gradle file location - Food/build.gradle
      - here Food is your theme name. please locate App Gradle file from the respective theme folder.
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    • Step 3 - Now, the third step is to copy all the activities (see the seleted portion from attached screenshot)
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    • Step 4 - Now, copy all the resources like layouts, animation files, colors, string (see the seleted portion from attached screenshot)
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    • Step 5 - Open AndroidManifest.xml file and change theme property
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    • Step 6 - Open AndroidManifest.xml file and change launch activity
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    • Step 7 - Open AndroidManifest.xml file and copy all the listed activities
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    • Step 8 - Now, you have to remove one duplicated activity (see the selected portion from attached screenshot)
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    • Step 9 - Create assets folder and copy both assets folder in that.
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    Now, run the project.

    How to update future release code to existing source code

    Many have question on their minds. How can i update existing code with new changes if future release will come?

    No worries - We are provided documentation which help you to update new changes into existing source code.

    Just go through this Update Existing Code documenation link.

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