Xamin - Data Science & Analytics SaaS WordPress Theme

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  • Description : Xamin comes with amazing customization features. With full creative control over its appearance, Xamin offers various options to create your website. Besides the customization tool, Xamin can be used to create an interactive website. The effects used in this Hubspot theme can give an impressive look to your brand


What is Hubspot ?

  • It is the best business automation tool that allows business promotions and manages marketing efforts by controlling sales processes.

  • Hubspot helps you to maximize and simplify your inbound marketing efforts. It is a marketing platform, ranked as the best inbound.


How To Install.

  1. Access your hubspot account.

  2. In your HubSpot account, click the settings icon settings in the main navigation bar

  3. In right top click Upload Theme.

List of Pages


List of modules

  1. Iqonic Accordion

  2. Iqonic Accordion 2

  3. Iqonic Awards

  4. Iqonic Banner Style 1

  5. Iqonic Banner Style 2

  6. Iqonic Banner Style 3

  7. Backup Unsubscribe

  8. Iqonic Banner Title

  9. Iqonic Blog Card

  10. Iqonic Blog List

  11. Iqonic Button

  12. Iqonic Card

  13. Iqonic Category List

  14. Iqonic Checklist

  15. Iqonic Clients

  16. Iqonic Contact

  17. Iqonic Contact Card

  18. Iqonic Counter

  19. Iqonic Isotope Masonry

  20. Iqonic Menu

  21. Iqonic Owl Carousel

  22. Iqonic Popup Video

  23. Iqonic Pricing card

  24. Iqonic Progressbar

  25. Iqonic Search

  26. Iqonic Search Result

  27. Iqonic Section Title

  28. Iqonic Social follow

  29. Iqonic Subscription Preferences

  30. Iqonic Tab Panel


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